Paul + Falen // Minneapolis, MN Wedding

There is something beautifully gratifying when it comes to the unknown. When I first sat down and talked with Paul and Falen I was completely unaware of who they were professionally. I was able to talk to them the way I talk to every other couple I meet with. Much like moving to a new city, there was a freedom amongst us, one that I don't think would've existed had I known even one of them prior to our meeting. After they booked I told them I wasn't going to listen to either of their radio shows. At this point in our relationship I had a beautiful story, and a very profound connection to who they were in real life, not just who they are on the air and I wanted to keep that vision pure. I am very glad I did because it is so great to know Paul as himself; one of the funniest, caring, compassionate, and down to earth guys I've ever met. I think being in the public spotlight, even on small scale puts you in harms way of opinions, attacks from people hiding behind a social media shield, and plain old negativity. I can say flat out that these two are perfect for each other, as cliche as that may sound, it is undeniable. No one person here is luckier than the other, they are both mutually lucky to have found the happiness they bring each other. I am always amazed by the honesty that is created out of love. The kind of bond and companionship that makes you want to work on your own relationship. I get to see it and experience it time and time again and it truly never gets old. I am very thankful and happy to have been a part of this day, I mean, there was an interactive wok station for dinner, is this real life?