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Hand in Hand. 

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I never planned on being a wedding photographer, much like the narwhal never planned on being the unicorn of the sea; nevertheless I am here doing what I love and embracing the wonderful world of what it means to photograph and document two human beings and it’s pretty awesome.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work and see wedding photography through my eyes. I believe in blending surrealism with natural, beautiful nuanced storytelling. Never straying too far from honest imagery but also remembering that things are only impossible until they’re not. If you’re looking for something different you’re in the right place.

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I have been photographing weddings for almost a decade and the main thing I want to give my couple’s is a shared visual experience representing every emotion, nuance, friend and family member that lent a piece of their love to making the day impactful. Meaningfulness moves mountains. Every wedding is completely unique and I approach them as such. When you look back on your photos you shouldn’t just see people in wedding clothes , you should see a true representation of yourselves, your story, your love, through creativity + color.


Engagement sessions do not need to be awkward, nor do they need to be overly stylized and sappy. They just need to be YOU. I’ve spent a lot of time making sure that these moments we share together aren’t just us running around taking photos of you kissing in a park. I want to capture your intimacy, and your personality in a way that you will recognize. Once we let go of expectations we find the things that really matter. Whether it’s your favorite bridge in france, a sprawling mountainscape, or the state fair, let’s go there.

I am constantly trying to see the roots of love and not just its flower. 

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