Otter + Bear // Finlayson, MN Wedding

This wedding for me was more than just a marriage of two people. The closeness of this story in relation to the passion of my every being could never be transposed because they are perfectly paired. There are two strands of beauty that touch on every fiber of my heart and soul. The first is the native american heritage and pride that encompasses Jason and his family like a myriad of moss on a fabled forest floor. There is more importance and sacredness in that culture than any that have come after it in this country and I am feeling beyond grateful to have seen a little of it this day. The second is the foundations of a mixed family. In a technical way Jason is becoming a "step-father", but in true reality Jason is more deserving of the title "Father" than the person who contributed the dna. This act of love not only hits extremely close to home for me because it is the life that I live and have existed in all my life. What a mixed family means to me is something I don't think I have ever shared publicly and I don't think I can do so for this blog post but what I was able to witness at this wedding not only fulfilled me, it gave me a sense of emotional reciprocation, which led to appreciation, which led to fascination, which led to me wanting to be better in all that I do as a step-son and a step-father. We are one. The big stuff is mundane, the little moments are what tie our souls together. I am ever grateful to these two for giving me a sense of purpose and pride. This is why I will continue to photograph weddings for years to come. The backdrop for the day is the ever lovely Julian James Place.