Matt + Louise

I used to think it was kind of weird to shoot someones engagement photos and not their wedding but I am quickly realizing how much I love it. Having a large chunk of time to explore and slow down is a welcome change to the normal few ours that most engagement sessions last. I am a little behind on blogging,  so don't be fooled by the fall colors. Matt and Louise invited me to spend the day with them on the last day of October and it is ridiculous how I can be looking t through these photos with no one around and catch myself smiling and looking like a complete idiot, but I think its a testament to how much fun I had with these two. I love shooting other creatives, there is some sort of magic in the air when I do because I am the happiest when I know that creative vision will ultimately be appreciated. Lou is a big fan of the Boho look so we ended the session with some of that goodness.