2016 Image Retrospect

I don't even know where to begin. These are familiar grounds for me and my craft, to be compiling things in a remembrance of sorts as if they are things that no longer exist when in reality the job I have set out to do is to keep these finite moments alive in a lasting and relatively unrelinquished memory of a bond, a kinship, and an acceptance. The wedding photographer's job is to create an image that has been ingrained into memory time and time again and it is always amazing to me to see this played out in humans; how the familiarity in some things can lead to stagnancy and in other instances it can lead to reverence and comfort. I do this year after year and I always think that at some point I will have something more profound to say and the fact of the matter is, there is no physical description for the way these people have given me a life, a voice, and a creative outlet to leave the world a more beautiful place then how I found it. I accept any and all trials and triumphs that come with this profession knowing I will never be the best, but how is that term defined? Are we satisfied by the quantity of our hearts and likes on  social media? Are we satisfied by the most epic landscape we can find? No. We are satisfied by our ability to create something that justifies the intricate ways two people sought each other out on a planet of 7 billion, the weight of those numbers alone is enough to give me goosebumps. How do we uplift this beautiful narrative, how do we physically come to terms with this staggering defiance of logic and love?  We accept that the people we need to please are our couples and not our followers. I have never been more happy with my purpose on this ever changing plane of rock and water and sky and land. Whatever comes, we are always in transition. 

A huge thank you to all the people that photographed these weddings with me last year or helped me out in some way. Much love to my wife, Erin Dahlin, JD Hudson, Nate Larson.

Brandon Werth2 Comments