Andrew + Betz // Minneapolis, MN Wedding

A few amazing things I feel I need to preface this post with. First, the brides dress has been worn and altered throughout her families history beginning in 1891. Each bride gets a coin sewn into her dress on the wedding day and the wedding date etched onto the coin. Also, it is very rare that I appreciate a choreographed processional but these two along with their friends literally blew every other processional out of the water. One of the bridesmaids choreographed it, and I know it won't be justified in photos but it was such a heart warming and very moving experience. Lastly, spread the love. The day before their wedding I spent the day with much of the wedding party and a bunch of friends and family. It isn't something I always do but I definitely felt a prompt in my heart to share this experience with them and document pre-wedding excitement, completely candid, and pure. Immersing myself within the place they feel most safe, amongst the hearts they trust and love gave me a great sense of inspiration to how I want to live my life, not only in the present tense but as I age and progress; I want to see my marriage and my children grow and become a bountiful source of kinship, honesty, and devoutness. To be given such a gift from my clients is something I am utterly grateful for.