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creative source + inspiration - In depth conversation about origin and placement of creative thoughts. Why do we create and how can we make things our own even if we are taking inspiration from somewhere else. There are many people who make things for attention but to make work that is meaningful we need to make it with intention and all of those things can be extracted in process through the various stages of client interaction.

critique-How often are you hearing something constructive about the work that you create? I ask myself this question often especially in an instagram heavy world where we get satisfaction from hearts and general agreements in aesthetic, the only way we learn to make images that are more meaningful is to find hear things that aren’t always positive. The most important thing you can do for your creative process is hear what others think of it, in that realm you will have not only a new insight but a better understanding of what it is you wish to accomplish and how to articulate it and defend it

pagination + storytelling-We scroll through more web pages these days than we do flip through book pages but there is a lot to learn in the tangible act of grabbing the corner of a piece of paper and moving it from left to right. The art of pagination is something that has been the backbone of modern-day story telling and I believe we can use what we learn from book sequencing to make our digital, down scrolling blogs more effective. As producers of still 2-D images we are limited by our ability to emphasize what we experience on wedding days but storytelling comes in many, many forms that we can explore and apply to our wedding photographs.

client trust- It has taken me a long time to understand the true power of taking someones portrait. There are many people who can unlock the layers of a persons true personality with a still frame in little to know time and those are the photographers I have taken steps to learn from. We have a unique situation where there are multiple interactions that we have with the couple’s we photograph before we even get them in front of the camera. Using that time to build trust and confidence within them will only lead to more powerful portraits and more creative freedom.

unconventional light-Good light is good light and there are a million different ways to utilize it. We will explore ways to make portraits at night in the middle of a field, or in a windowless basement, also in direct sun or a situation thats monotonous or uninspiring.






Upcoming Werthshops

Studio 125

Studio 125

Tuesday,  June 20, 2017


Studio 125

1621 E Hennepin Ave #125 Minneapolis, MN 55414 

Snacks, dinner, and beverages provided.

An in-depth list of what to bring will be sent to you upon booking. 

Teaching the standard Werthshop material and offering more in-depth conversations and teachings on :

-Night shooting (long exposures, using unconventional light sources, headlights, fire, speedlite flash....ect.)

-First consult to session. Brandon will be meeting with a 'real' couple for the first time at the Werthshop and then shooting a session with them. 

-Styled shoot. Create beautiful and portfolio ready images, with lessons on how to style items on the wedding day and time with a couple in bridal style.


For more information on what is being covered please click, here.