creative source + inspiration - In depth conversation about origin and placement of creative thoughts. Why do we create and how can we make things our own even if we are taking inspiration from somewhere else. There are many people who make things for attention but to make work that is meaningful we need to make it with intention and all of those things can be extracted in process through the various stages of client interaction.

critique-How often are you hearing something constructive about the work that you create? I ask myself this question often especially in an instagram heavy world where we get satisfaction from hearts and general agreements in aesthetic, the only way we learn to make images that are more meaningful is to find hear things that aren’t always positive. The most important thing you can do for your creative process is hear what others think of it, in that realm you will have not only a new insight but a better understanding of what it is you wish to accomplish and how to articulate it and defend it

pagination + storytelling-

client trust-

attention vs. intention-

unconventional light-






The Werthshop at it’s core is a destabilization device for wedding photographers who have built the foundation of how they shoot on the backbone of a shared commonality. To become better at what we do we must first deconstruct the idea of normalcy.