Upcoming Werthshops

 Studio 125

Studio 125

Tuesday,  June 20, 2017


Studio 125

1621 E Hennepin Ave #125 Minneapolis, MN 55414 

Snacks, dinner, and beverages provided.

An in-depth list of what to bring will be sent to you upon booking. 

Teaching the standard Werthshop material and offering more in-depth conversations and teachings on :

-Night shooting (long exposures, using unconventional light sources, headlights, fire, speedlite flash....ect.)

-First consult to session. Brandon will be meeting with a 'real' couple for the first time at the Werthshop and then shooting a session with them. 

-Styled shoot. Create beautiful and portfolio ready images, with lessons on how to style items on the wedding day and time with a couple in bridal style.


For more information on what is being covered please click, here.