Upcoming Werthshops

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


1330 Quincy Street NE Minneapolis, MN-Studio #406

A smaller group size ( only six spots available) giving you more one on one time with Brandon. Have questions answered, become a stronger shooter and better communicator with your clients

Lunch and beverages provided. More detailed information on what to bring will be sent after booking. 

For more information on what is being covered please click, here.

Weekend Werthshop

Weekend Werthshop

Friday, March 24-Sunday, March 26th

MAPLE, WI (3 hours from Minneapolis/St. Paul)- LAKE SUPERIOR BARN

Arrive by 11 A.M. on Friday, March 24th. Depart after breakfast on Sunday morning at 8 A.M.

We have created an experience where you can challenge yourself, become a stronger photographer (beyond natural light), and leave confident in your communication skills with clients/subjects. 


Teaching the standard Werthshop material and offering more in-depth conversations and teachings on :

-Night shooting (long exposures, using unconventional light sources, fire, speedlite flash....ect.)

-First consult to session. Brandon will be meeting with a 'real' couple for the first time at the Werthshop and then shooting a session with them. 

-Styled shoot. Create beautiful and portfolio ready images. 

-Morning yoga, yep... we are going to be focusing on ourselves and taking the time to grow as individuals as well. Feel free to opt out. 

-All meals will be provided. 

-Lodging is included. 

This weekend long retreat will also leave you with plenty of time to rest, walk along many of the wooded trails or just snuggle up next the fire with a good book. As photographers we are constantly hustling. Join us in a time where we can slow down, build new lasting connections, and take home a fresh new outlook on your upcoming sessions and wedding season.