Meet Brandon // BLK WLF

I never planned on being a wedding photographer, much like the Narwhal never planned to be the unicorn of the sea. Nonetheless here I am, doing something I love every single day that I live.

I am grateful for the lives I get to enter and the memories that come out of the relationships I build through wedding photography. I started this company because I was sick of the industry standard. Why do weddings need to all look alike? 

To view Brandon’s commercial work please visit: BLK WLF


Meet the pack



Mother of five, partner to the wolf.

Since the beginning of Brandon’s businesses’ Chelsey has been lurking in the shadows making sure the show goes on, the performance is flawless, and that Brandon has the tools he needs to deliver beautiful images.

Chelsey, a photographer and freelance creative, herself, is known to be a ‘jack of all trades’. If she is second shooting with Brandon, you can usually find her putting out all sorts of fires (including, but not limited to grabbing a fire extinguisher in a pinch). Whether it’s sewing dresses, fixing makeup, livening up drooping flowers, or making sure the bride is eating, this human takes every detail into consideration.

She is our leader in communication, schedule creation, and album designing here at the studio. Chelsey is a master-finder of positive solutions and always knows the answer to ‘WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON RIGHT NOW?!.’



Mother of dragons two dogs, keeper of deadlines.

Ever thought, “Gosh it would be amazing if my calendar could make sure I was always where I need to be, on time and synced with my email and my brain?” That’s Aly. She’s here to make sure that this ship, runs on time and that our ‘big ideas’ aren’t pushed aside but worked into the calendar.

She’s our team Project Manager, client relationship specialist, and all around extra pair of hands to help make sure that Brandon has time for everything and everyone.

A talented illustrator, organizer, mermaid hair-grower, mom of dog named “Jon Snow”, and definitely not a Game of Thrones fan.